Abstracts for SE2107

Work in progress, waiting for the submission system to be set up. I will keep updating the abstracts, and add papers and illustrations as they are written.

complete abstract here: Acoustic Elevator . . . (unformatted plain text)

brief abstract: Vibration power in the stiff tether itself (2013 IAA study) can provide 20+ megawatts of power to resonant wheels driving electronically-switched adaptive motors, which can lift 14 tonnes of payload off the surface at up to 140 meters per second.

Some 2-weeks-outdated work here.

complete abstract here: Launch Loop 2.0 . . . (unformatted plain text)

brief abstract: Combining the best of the space elevator with old and new launch loop developments. Surface logistics like the space elevator. A 70 km Kevlar tether to a surface-powered electromechanical 11 km/s launcher, then a 5 hour trajectory to a rotating Kevlar capture tether in geosynchronous orbit. 320 tonnes per day with a minimum 500 MW power supply, 9600 tonnes per day with a 6 GW power supply, which can be provided by space power satellites. Can be built with off-the-shelf materials.

Uses VASIMR electric rocket engines and some atmospheric argon propellant to add angular momentum at GEO.

The presentation will focus on linear motor design and simulation tools

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