Wiki Spammers, Please Read

I am imagining you as a poor college student in the Phillipines, struggling to earn money for tuition, writing term papers to sell on the internet to rich and lazy American children. I share your disgust with those spoiled brats who are paying money to avoid learning to write. Why are their parents giving them money, and not the respect for education that your parents gave you? My mother was poor, but she taught me to learn, and to try to do the right thing. This is the start of the path to wisdom, but not always wealth.

These pages are about the Launch Loop and Server Sky, two ways to bring the vast resources of space to every person on the Earth. In 2011, access to space is expensive, and only rich nations can afford it. I will use the remaining years of my life to change that, to make space travel inexpensive, affordable to every person on earth. With Server Sky, we can make satellites as inexpensive as a cell phone. These technologies can provide low cost energy, communications, and computation to any person on the planet with access to the sky.

We can do this together, without destroying this precious planet, and without fighting over rare resources. There is more than enough for everyone. This is how you and your children and your grandchildren will have good food, good homes, and friends around the world, rather than being conscripted to fight over the last of the world's oil, perhaps to die on some nameless atoll in the Spratly Islands.

Right now these technologies are just me, and a few occasional helpers. I am working as fast as I can to improve the ideas, to put them in the public domain, to share them with the world. There may be greedy others trying to patent these ideas, to prevent the other 7 billion of us from using them. The sooner I can get the ideas out there, the more "prior art" I can establish. That will make it harder for the patent trolls.

But I also have to maintain these websites, and clean up wiki spam so I can preserve my Google page rank, rather than get ignored by their search engine because of excessive spam. Every hour spent cleaning up wiki spam is a one hour advantage for those who would block our path to the future. One extra spam may be all that is necessary for the patent trolls to get a 20 year lock on the Launch Loop or Server Sky, delaying their deployment by a generation. Do you want to put the future beyond your children's reach?

I wish I could offer you a better job, so you could earn your tuition without pandering to education-hating punks. When these ideas develop into businesses (thousands of them, all over the world), there will be many more job opportunities. It is too much to hope that this will happen before you finish college, but if we work hard, together, it may happen in time for your younger brothers and sisters. Please help.

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