PSU Motor Books

As of 2019/01/02, I have four motor books checked out from the Portland State Library. If I am not allowed to renew them, they are:

Prices from

TK145.S34 1965 "Introductory Electromechanics", Norbert L. Schmitz and Donald W. Novotny ($65 used)

TK2189.B6 1986 "Electric Machine Dynamics", I. Boldea and S. A. Nassar ($3.65 used) ... purchased

TK2537.B29 1996 "Permanent Magnet DC Linear Motors, Amitava Basak ($62 used) ... purchased

TK2785.G53 1994 "Linear Induction Drives", Jacek F. Gieras ($25 used) ... purchased

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