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Here is the 24 year old [[attachment:launchloop.pdf|launchloop paper (266K)]]. Here is a partial writeup describing [[attachment:taper.pdf|very long tapered cables (29K)]]. I'll finish it when I get some time. Here are the [[attachment:isdc2002loop.pdf|launch loop slides]] for the ISDC2002 conference (2025K). Here are the slides for the [[attachment:isdc2002energy.pdf|launch energy paper]] from ISDC2002 (233K). Here is the 24 year old [[attachment:launchloop.pdf|launchloop paper (266K)]]. A partial writeup describing [[attachment:taper.pdf|very long tapered cables (29K)]]. The [[attachment:isdc2002loop.pdf|launch loop slides (2025K)]] for the ISDC2002 conference. Slides for the [[attachment:isdc2002energy.pdf|launch energy paper (233K)]] from ISDC2002.


The Launch Loop is an earth to high orbit launch system, based on momentum and energy storage in a long (5200km diameter) and narrow (3 cm) hypervelocity (14km/s) iron rotor. The Launch Loop is powered and deployed from the ground, protected from space debris by the upper atmosphere, can launch thousands of tons per day to high orbit, and can be built with existing engineering materials for a few gigadollars (mostly for the electric power plant that drives it).

Here is more information.

Here is a list of things to do.

For more information, email to keithl AT kl-ic DOT com

Here is the 24 year old launchloop paper (266K). A partial writeup describing very long tapered cables (29K). The launch loop slides (2025K) for the ISDC2002 conference. Slides for the launch energy paper (233K) from ISDC2002.


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