A list of things to do

Any large engineered system will have lots of things to do. The biggest problem with the Launch Loop is not that it is large, but that it may need multiple significant inventions to work, which is a formula for failure when constructing new technology. My former boss Wink Gross said "Too many things that oughta work is a not oughta work".

T.J. Rogers of Cypress Semiconductor tells us (I paraphrase) "Change only one thing, execute rapidly, observe carefully, and repeat often". If you try two innovations at once, and fail, you will have a hard time telling which of your innovations failed.

The fact that the Launch Loop may need multiple innovations at once is a weakness, not a strength, unless you are attempting to get a lot of unearned money to feed a lot of lazy researchers. With that said, here are some things that need innovating:

That was after thirty minutes of thought. This list is going to get much longer and more orderly. Off-the-shelf re-uses of existing technology is far more useful than new inventions, so please share news of successful technologies that can be adapted to launch loop.

What is NOT needed

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