The Equations Of Life

How Physics Shapes Evolution

Charles S. Cockell 2018, CMill 576.801 COCKELL

A well written book, not afraid of algebra and quantitative thinking.

The search for life, and the creation of artificial life outside Earth's biosphere, will require vast launch resources, hence the relevance for launch loop. Cells are tiny, ecospheres are enormous. An exhaustive search for fossil microbes and molecules on Mars may require trillions of small robots and vast teams of scientists on Deimos designing de novo experiments to analyze sample returns launched to "nearby" isolation labs on Phobos for molecular structural analysis by huge machines resembling the National Synchrotron Light Source.


The text is not footnoted, the footnotes refer to page number.

Impossible Extinction

Natural catastrophes and the supremacy of the microbial world

Charles S. Cockell 2003, Central 579.17 C666i 2003

Early work, less well written

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