More Later

Read MoreLater as "this page is a gift for creative people who like to share their talents with the world".

This wiki website a work in progress, which will be completed by many hands. If you want are eager to see some of these pages completed, perhaps you are the person to do so. I can give you edit access. Invention is a team effort, and I want to make sure the whole team of contributors goes down in history. The best way to change history is to write what becomes history. World changing ideas don't happen in an instant - they take years or even decades to complete. Participating is one of the best ways to make your life meaningful, and to make others meaningful to you.

If you don't wish to contribute your talent, and don't want to see ideas until they are complete and ready for sale, that's fine. Launch Loop will need customers, too. You might not like the Launch Loops that actually get built, you might wish they were different, but the design is happening now, and your input will be too late after the design is complete. If you want your ideas to matter, then make them matter now.

If you just want to watch this come about, that's fine too. I might start down the wrong track, and this will bother you, and perhaps you will be generous enough to let me know about it. You might grow passionate enough about a flaw to fix it. Fixing things is a noble calling (sometimes, even a Nobel calling).

I most look forward to the day when someone with edit access changes this page from "I" to "We", and "Me" to "Us". I hope that someone is you.